What does the current pandemic mean for me and my business

Like many other examples out there, my photography business has been hit hard by this pandemic. While I try and keep spirits up, I can’t deny that the past weeks have been hard. I’ve been in close touch with couples who had to move their wedding, feeling their pain and trying to help as much as I could. All my weddings until August have now been moved to later this year or next year. This means my income has been slashed in half. And with my partner being a wedding photographer too, he’s in the same boat. Not much help from the government either.⁠ We also had to move our own wedding (planned for next May) as it has sadly become a financial burden.

Times like these can be really tough so we’ve found it really vital to our mental health to count our blessings and list out the things we’re grateful for. My gratefulness list includes: having each other, being healthy, having a home and food on the table and being surrounded (virtually at least) by friends and family who care for us and whom we love very much. ⁠

I know we’ll get through this and we’ll meet again with high spirits, love and kindness in our hearts and an unstoppable drive to live life to the fullest.

My policy for current weddings

Regardless of the uncertain future, on the photography side of things I got you covered. If you’re worried about future postponements, know that currently I have been able to successfully move all of my couples to future dates. I know things are challenging at the moment, but I’m confident we’ll find solutions together. I can’t wait to celebrate love together and dance our shoes off!

To keep my cash flow going, I’ve been asking for 50% of the remaining balance to remain due as per initial contract(i.e. a month from the original wedding date), the rest of 50% being due closer to the new date. Of course, I know times are hard for most of us now, so I’m very flexible and understanding with any situation. Don’t worry, I got your back!

How can you help and support?

I’ve been on the fence wondering if it’s OK to ask for help as I know a lot of people out there are in a worse situation. However, I am encouraged by the fact that my past wedding couples are so amazing! During the past weeks, many have been asking how I’m doing and how they can support my business. I’ve never felt more grateful for meeting so many wonderful people through my wedding photography!

If you’re keen and able on helping keep my business afloat while I navigate these difficult times, here are some ways you can do so:

  1. Purchase discounted photography vouchers

During these times all we can do is daydream and plan for those days when we’ll be able to enjoy life as we want. If you have any upcoming anniversaries, birthdays or celebrations, maybe a photography voucher would make for a great personal treat or a generous gift. As my way of helping out, I have massively discounted my photo shoots so I can offer prices for every budget, from £150 for a one hour shoot with the option to add extra hours for £100/hour. The vouchers can be for couples, branding, corporate, maternity, newborn, family or any other fun photography projects you might have. You can personalise the text and they can be redeemed at any time.

  1. Some social media love

I’m constantly trying to make myself visible to couples looking for an engagement or wedding photographer. Any share on social media helps a lot. So if you worked with me in any way and enjoyed my photos, please let the world know and share the joy of my work. I can’t put in words how much this would mean to me

  1. Order a photo album

One way to pass the time in a happy way when we’re stuck inside would be to look over photos and pick your favourites to design an album. I love to create beautiful designs and to help my couples out I have a special offer 10% off on every order and one free 15″ replica album for every full size album ordered.

Albums are an investment and a tradition starter – I promise every wedding anniversary day will feature an album re-visit with a glass of wine and every nostalgic moment will end with a look over that amazing family album we created together. Your albums will become a family heirloom for future generations. So choose a professionally designed leather bound or colourful cotton album for a timeless way to re-live those precious memories. More details about the photo albums I offer here.

  1. Recommend me as a photographer

A lot of my new work comes from past couples recommending me as a photographer to their family and friends. So if you know of any friends, family members or co-workers getting married, it would be amazing if you could put a good word forward. I always reward my couples for their good deed with a £50 Etsy voucher for a one of a kind personal treat. Same comes for the personal brand and corporate work that I do for big and small businesses, so please recommend me to your boss or friends and families that have a business and are in need of photo updates for their online presence.

  1. Support my family photography business

What I love most during a wedding day are the small moments of love, compassion and connection between people. So I decided to do a bit more to capture these in family life. That’s how ‘Life Uncut’ came to be – capturing sweet and honest family moments. As this is a new baby business, your love and support will be very much appreciated.

  1. Order some prints

I always believed in the power of prints over digital – you should see my house! Having prints around the house or on the wall you pass every day will put a smile on your face by reminding you of an awesome time with your loved ones. It’s really easy to order prints – just log in into your gallery and add them to your cart. As times are hard for most of us right now, I’m happy to offer a 30% discount on all orders. Just use the discount code SMILE at checkout to claim your treat.

Thank you.

There it is – my personal list of things you can do to support my business during these very challenging times. I know I’ll go through these times and come on the other side even more resilient and excited for future times filled with love. Until then, I am extremely grateful for your support, love and care, which I cherish and never take for granted.

Please contact me on [email protected] if you wish to help with anything or just give a much appreciated virtual hug. Looking forward to the times we’ll be able to celebrate together life to the fullest.