Fun Wedding Day

Next hooray goes to Ana and Cristi! They are one happy couple and they said “YES!!” to each other this end of summer. Their fun wedding was very well planned and as a result everybody was relaxed and enjoyed themselves, including us the photographers. I’ll take a moment here to give a late but very special thank you to Marian Cristea, my mentor and good friend, for which I second shoot this wedding.

Now back to the happy couple. Both families of bride and groom were very fun to photograph and hang out with. You could tell they were over the moon for this special day and all they wanted was to celebrate together as beautifully as possible.

Epic Metallica Cover

Ana and Cristi had a really nice first dance, but what impressed me the most was when Cristi sang a very special song to Ana: Metallica – Nothing else matters. That was amazing as this is one of my favourite songs too and Cristi did a really good job! 🙂

What followed afterwards was a crazy party with their family and friends. And boy they know how to party!

Ana and Cristi, I wish you a long happy life together, full of amazing moments and smiles, just like your wedding day!