Same Sex Wedding Photographer capturing Amazing Stories

Love, Equality & Pride

There are only two reasons to hate gay marriage. Either you’re dumb, or you’re secretly worried that dicks are delicious. —Joe Rogan

Leaving joke aside, I believe in same sex weddings because I strongly think that love is love and cannot be contained in a single word, definition, shape or setup. In a perfect world we would all have the freedom to choose who we want to spend our lives with, to celebrate love freely and with pride, and therefore to see past barriers of sex, background or beliefs.  As an incurable optimist, I think we’re getting there although some places at a slower pace than others.  Nevertheless hope is out there and each and one of us should do our part. My part is to help couples share their awesome same sex wedding with the world as vividly and fucking amazing as it was.


My approach and style

Love is love, simple as that, so for me there’s nothing that I do differently for same sex weddings. Except for being grateful for witnessing something that was not even legal in UK until a few years back – it does put things into perspective. What I experienced at my last same sex wedding was a sort of happiness and gratitude that seemed out of this world.  Makes you truly appreciate the act of celebrating your love in front of your favourite people.

My approach is relaxed and natural, blending in like one of the guests and capturing all the little moments that when put together portrait one fantastic life story. My photography style is vivid, fun and natural as I like to represent each wedding as raw and true as possible.



Same Sex Wedding Photographer

If you’re planning a same sex wedding and are searching for a fun, natural and relaxed wedding photographer please get in touch. I’d love to chat and hear more about your awesome plans!

My documentary approach means I’ll capture all the excitement, laughs, tears and screams of joy, while letting you have the time of your life!

"Corina done our photography in November and I can only describe the pictures as magical. She managed to capture every moment of precious love and laughter. We relived the entire day via pictures and it was just as tear jerking as the day it self. If you are looking for someone different, someone who puts their own mark on things Corina is the one for you! Get to booking!!" Harriet and Deejai