Meet Corina, the fun Brighton wedding photographer

Fun Brighton Wedding Photographer smiling at the camera

Hi! I’m Corina and I’m a fun wedding photographer living in gorgeous Brighton, shooting weddings here and all over the world. I'm passionate about discovering the world with its beautiful places and people, so I try to travel as much as I can.

My favourite things in the world are making killer sing-along playlists and laughing. When I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me going for long walks on the Brighton beach (cheesy? I don't care) and enjoying a book curled up in my yellow chair.

I couldn’t live without my friends and family, music and travelling. I spend a lot of time planning future adventures and nothing makes me happier than when I go round someone’s house and they have a cute pet.

In case you haven't noticed, yellow is my favourite colour. Evidence below.

Why photography?

I've always felt drawn towards photography. As a kid, I used to dig up my grandmother's shoe box full of old photographs. I would stare for hours at photos of people and relatives I never met, trying to build a story around them. What were they like? How was their life? Where would they spend their time?

This curiosity made me realise I have a passion for people and their stories. I played with photography as a hobby for 10 years, doing mostly portraits and street photography. When I started my work as a full time wedding photographer, I knew exactly what I wanted: to capture comprehensive life stories that will be meaningful over years to come.

Why I love being a wedding photographer in Brighton

Now that you know my story towards photography I think it’s only fair to tell you why I absolutely love being a fun Brighton wedding photographer.

First of all it’s all about the people here. Everybody is so friendly and relaxed, so many interesting characters, laid back couples with beautiful and inspiring stories that are an absolute delight to capture.

Brighton is a liberal city that allows me to be myself and be my best. With beautiful alternative wedding venues, the sea and the beach plus all the colourful streets, it keeps me happy and inspired to do my best work for my couples.

I’m also a big fan of street photography as it helps me slow down and practice composition and see things differently. Brighton is a fantastic place for street photography for the reasons above. Plus as a bonus I get a good workout by going up and down the hills.

Random facts about me


Favourite compliment I ever received was from my boyfriend calling me a "delightful weirdo"


Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, an awesome city for late night parties.


I'm always graceful when I take photos. Like a swan.


I adore all kinds of pets. ALL. Except spiders, what is wrong with you?


I moved to fun Brighton after seeing the city just two times. I knew it was right!


I might have a slight obsession for trains.

"It's so good to be able to relive the day through the photos, you've captured so many lovely moments. We're definitely going to treasure these photos, and we're both so happy that you were our photographer." Lara and Dan