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You're getting married, YAY! I'm sure you have questions..

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Could we meet before the wedding?

Yes! As we'll spend so much time together on your wedding day, I think it's important that we know each other, that we see what makes us tick and that you consider me your friend and guest at your wedding, who just happens to bring a really good camera!

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How do we know we're a good fit?

We're definitely a good fit if: photography is important for you and you're not afraid to be yourself; you aim to have fun on your wedding day, do your own thing and not be bossed around.

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What is your time limit on the wedding day?

I don't have a time limit as long as the hours are humane and I'm still good to get home after the wedding. My day usually starts with wedding preparations and ends with the last dancing guest.

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You seem to like black and white a lot. Is that how our photos will be delivered?

The editing found on my website is a personal choice. I sometimes think that a feeling or an emotion can be seen and appreciated better through black and white, however you'll always get both versions of a photograph: colour and B&W.

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Will you edit & airbrush the hell out of our photos?

My editing is natural and real as I think you should recognise yourself in your photos. I also won't stage anything and instead of organising lots of formal group shots, I'll capture all the little things and meaningful moments that will make you sigh and smile when you see your photos.

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Can we print our photos?

Of course! I deliver my photos in an online gallery password protected from which you, your family and friends can order a large range of prints. All images are full resolution JPEG images individually edited in terms of exposure, white balance and contrast.

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Do you have backup equipment and insurance?

I'm not a very clumsy person, however just in case something goes wrong I'm insured. I always come prepared with backup lenses, I have two camera bodies and lots of cards and batteries. All the photographs I take are also backed up in two different places.

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Are you a full time photographer?

Yes, I dedicate my time to photography and I can’t imagine doing anything else. This allows me to have time to get to know my clients, to always learn something new and to fully focus on my passion.

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Do you travel?

Yes I do and I LOVE it. For events in and around London and Brighton there is no travel fee. For events outside this area there is a reasonable fee which we'll discuss together.

Still got questions? Shoot! Pun intended...


"The pictures where absolutely breathtaking. We have gone through them twice and each time we feel like you have really told the story of our love. We cannot be more thankful and happy that you were our photographer." Harriet and DJ