Wedding Photography Albums

Having an album around the house to pick up and enjoy together can be such an instant feel good treat for gloomy days. It can help us re-live amazing memories and transport us back in time.

I know because I personally have at least 5 albums of photos with my family, from travels, our engagement party and random adventures. I keep them close so whenever I have a tough day I can pick one up, curl up on the sofa and instantly feel good and dream of future adventures.

The magic and beauty of photo albums

I believe in the power of print, in images being transposed on paper that we can touch, feel and share easily. Be it a framed memory to remind you everyday of the amazing time you had or an album you take from the shelf to share the experience of your wedding day with your family and friends.

Albums are an investment and a tradition starter – I promise every wedding anniversary day will feature an album re-visit with a glass of wine. It will also become a family heirloom for future generations.

Why choose a professional photo album?

Design: I will personally design your album (using the photos you pick) to best tell the story of your day. I use professional software and I’ll put my slight OCD to good use by making sure it all looks fantastic. You’ll get a chance to review the design before it goes to print.

Quality: The feel of a professional album is completely different. The thickness of the pages, the vivid colours and the sturdiness of the bind encompasses quality. The pages will lay flat allowing you to enjoy your photos in the very best way.

Longevity: Budget album’s colours will fade and pages will peal as the years go by. Professional albums are designed to be enjoyed for the rest of your lives and to act as a family heirloom.

Your Wedding Album

I offer beautiful Fine Art Photo Albums handmade here in the UK. The photos are printed on high quality paper that brings up vibrant colours, with a thick feel and lay flat pages that will showcase your photos in all their glory. The album has 40 pages which will allow you to enjoy around 80 photos from your wedding day.
For covers you have the choice of genuine leather (sourced from manufacturers who offer the very finest quality and durability and have strict animal welfare policies) or vivid fabric made of high quality 100% cotton with a natural, wide weave and a subtle, two-tone effect.

Interested to see how your hand crafted album has been made?

Locally sourced and hand crafted with great care and precision 

I’m really proud of my album supplier as it’s a company that shares my values when it comes to high quality and sustainability. The products are absolutely beautiful and crafted to last a lifetime, but not at the expense of the environment and its delicate global ecosystem. All materials come from sustainable sources and, wherever possible, they’re also 100% recycled.

Album size and colour options

8" x 8"

10" x 10"

12" x 12"

- Fabric cover only

- Lay flat binding

- Archival-quality materials to last a lifetime

- 40 pages included (can upgrade to 50 pages)

- Pre-defined cover engraving saying "Best day ever" or "Our Wedding"

- Leather or Fabric cover

- Lay flat binding

- Archival-quality materials to last a lifetime

- 40 pages included (can upgrade to 80 pages)

- Personalised cover engraving with your names

- Leather or Fabric cover

- Lay flat binding

- Archival-quality materials to last a lifetime

- 40 pages included (can upgrade to 100 pages)

- Personalised cover engraving with own names






Mini Copies

For every album ordered you may add 6"x6" mini copies. The design and will be identical to your original album.

The Mini Copies are a really lovely way to thank family, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

You can change the text and cover material to suit each recipient. You could, for example, use text such as ‘For mum and dad’ on the front or another phrase that means something special to the recipient.


From your online gallery you can easily choose your favourite photos. Based on your selection I will create a design for you. You'll have the opportunity to review the design and request changes (if desired) before it goes to print.

How does it work?

Ready to order your own Fine Art Wedding Album?

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Still have questions?

I have answers:

Can we choose the photos we want to have in our album?

Is there a time limit for ordering a photo album?

Of course you can! You can easily pick your favourite 80 photos from your online gallery by clicking on the star icon under every photo. I'll automatically see this selection and create a design based on it.

You can order your photo album anytime. However, if you have some deadlines like an anniversary or wanting them as Christmas presents, I recommend checking delivery times as sometimes there's a longer wait.

Can we send albums to ourselves or relatives overseas?

Can we have more than 80 photos in our album?

Of course. Delivery in the UK is included free of charge. I can arrange overseas delivery for an extra cost that will be communicated to you on enquiry.

Yes you can. The albums come with 40 pages by default which can hold up to 80 photos. If you want to add extra photos you can do so by purchasing more pages at £30/double page. Each double page adds up to 4 images to the total count.