I describe my way of working as being unobtrusive, fun and natural. I like to focus on all the little moments in between, the emotions from the ceremony and the unleashed party afterwards.

I am very grateful to have couples that trust me and allow me to capture their day in this reportage way. This freedom helps me push my creativity and has allowed me to became a multiple award winning documentary photographer.

Below I talk more about my approach to wedding photography and the reasons couples book me so you know exactly what to expect from me. If you have any questions I'm always happy to chat and answer them in person (or on video call) over a drink.

8 Reasons why couples book me to photograph their wedding

1. Moments over Cheesiness

Your wedding is a day filled with amazing moments with your favourite people. From the subtle to the loud, I photograph them without interference and influence. This approach allows me to truly capture these moments as true and raw as they come: tears of laughter, sincere hugs, little gestures that define you or just quirky ways of expressing emotions.

The end result will be a honest story of your wedding, with things you might have missed and moments that passed in a blur. This story will remain genuine for years to come, reminding you and future generations about how you celebrated your love with your favourite people.

2. One of the guests

I capture all these honest moments by blending in as one of the guests. I'll enjoy the day with you, chat with the guests, keeping things light and breezy.

I'll be more like a friend and a guest who just happens to bring a really good camera. I photograph all the silly and wonderful moments, and let you get on with having a wicked wedding.

Before the wedding I like to meet with you, either by meeting in person or via video call. This way we get to know each other and I'm not a stranger on the day.

3. Colourful and vibrant style

bride and groom with dog in a field

I'm always attracted by big smiles, laughter, happy faces and colours. That's why my style is often described as happy, colourful, vibrant and full of energy. My priority is in keeping the photos natural and truthful to your day.

I keep my editing consistent so you know what to expect in your photos, and I don't change tints or colours. This way the photos will trigger memories of the people and shenanigans in decades to come.

On our consultation I'll share with you full wedding galleries so you can see that I don't show just the best on my website and my work is consistent in quality and moments.

4. Your day your way

Your wedding day is a fantastic opportunity to do do things your way and have a great time with your favourite people. The last thing you probably want is a photographer who is super cheesy and tells you what to do. That's why I won't give you any instructions and directions as I'm not there to control your day.

Closer to the wedding we'll have a chat so I know all about your timings and how the day will flow. This will allow me to capture things naturally as they happen without asking you questions on the day.

5. The whole story

Your wedding day is an amazingly unique day that deserve all my attention. I strongly recommend a full day coverage package - from getting ready (morning activities) till the awesome party.

This will allow me to capture the whole story and moments with your family and friends that you might miss (you can't be in all the places at once right?).

I love to stay late and take amazing dance floor photos with your friends and family getting low low low. My own cool/weird dance floor moves are included.

6. Fun and relaxed couple photos

wedding photos with view of St Paul's Cathedral

I get it how being in front of the camera might make you feel a bit uncomfortable. I know I am. That's why I like to keep portrait time fun and easy. I recommend taking a few minutes just the two of you to let you appreciate the awesomeness of the day. I'll use this time to capture a few creative photos of you two enjoying your time together. It might be the only time during the day where you're alone together and I've been told is a nice little break during the day.

We often spend 10-20 minutes together before getting you back to having fun with your family and friends. I keep things relaxed and fun, with just a stroll, some moments with you being yourself under a tiny bit of my guidance. I promise it won't hurt and your photos will look amazing!

7. Parents love some family formals

I understand the importance of family photography as it's something I value very much myself. Firstly is great at keeping the parents happy, but it will also hold value for you as a record of your loved ones.

You'll appreciate these maybe not now, but in ten or twenty years time, especially when some of these people aren't around anymore. I keep family formals short and easy as I know you don't want to lose time from enjoying yourself with family and friends.

8. Details add to the story

Details can add to the story and they can bring back memories from the day. Whether it's the venue or something you created yourself and put your personality into, I'll capture it as a record of your wedding day.

I appreciate the amount of hard work that can go into the details and decorations and so I believe it's important to create a record of this.

Sounds like a good approach for you?

Tell me more about your plans!