Enjoying Brighton on a Fun, Relaxed and Cool Engagement Photo Shoot

A fun way to experience colourful Brighton while taking amazing photos of you as a couple

A couple photo session is a lovely way to celebrate your relationship by getting some great photos of you in spots with meaning for you. There are so many reasons to have a couple photo shoot: maybe you’re just looking for some lovely photos of you as a couple, or maybe you just got engaged and want photos to celebrate that, or you’re in a special moment in your life as a couple and want to capture that beautifully. Whatever your reason is, we’ll have some fun together roaming the beach or streets of Brighton and getting natural and fun photos of you.

"Corina was brilliant as she just let us be us! Big Thanks for the images – we absolutely love both them and her!" Lucia and Razvan

Why engagement photo shoots are fun and what to expect

Engagement photo shoots are a good way to see how it feels to be in front of a camera, or just randomly have some cool photos to celebrate yourself as an awesome couple. I always recommend them before the wedding day as it helps you getting accustomed with the camera and it also gives us a good opportunity to know each other better. I aim to capture the connection between the two of you and get all those little gestures and silly moments that make you shine uniquely  as a couple.

My approach to engagement photography is natural and relaxed. I'll encourage and guide you to be yourself in front of the camera, no awkward poses and no "smile for the camera". We'll pick together some spots in Brighton with meaning for you and we'll walk around discovering together getting cool photos. If you have other places than Brighton in mind let me know as I love to travel.

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