Barcelona Street Photography, Spain

Street Photography – A bit of Barcelona in Spring

Why Barcelona as a street photography location?

It’s no news that I like to travel: come on who doesn’t?! So when I heard that there’s a wedding photography conference in Barcelona I figured I HAVE TO GO. Plus would be an awesome opportunity for me to do some Barcelona Street Photography.

BODAF was my very first wedding photography conference and I loved it. The speakers were amazing, so inspiring and diverse, from Fer Juaristi who really rocked my world with his way of thinking about the wedding photography industry, to Alain Laboile who showed me true sensibility and creativity. The praises could go on and on as all speakers were awesome and I took something with me from each and every one of them.



Wandering the streets of Barcelona

My sister was telling me for years to visit Barcelona, that the city is amazing and the food is to die for. God was she right! I met wonderful people: photographers full of passion and very VERY friendly locals.

After the conference, I wandered through the city spending some truly amazing days while discovering something new on every narrow street. Barcelona is beautiful, crazy and fun, a city that has it all and that left me wondering where will my next adventure take me.

Below are some photos I took while discovering the city. I hope they’ll tease you into visiting this lovely city!


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