Beach engagement photo shoot

Laughs and giggles on this fun couple photo shoot

Golden beach engagement photo shoot

Autumn may be here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of good old summer days! What better way to do that if not with a fun beach engagement photo shoot?

Lara and Radu are one amazing couple and I’ve known them for so long I can’t remember. They have one of those relationships that seem out of movies: met in high school and had a long distance relationship for eight years until they were able to live in the same city. No need to say this engagement photo shoot was really fun, relaxed and with lots and lots of laughter, as Lara and Radu are both full of warmth, smiles and love.

Together they are a blend of passion and childish craziness that can well be spotted in below pictures. Enjoy!

Beach engagement photo shoot

Engagement shoots are such a good idea if you’re nervous in front of the camera. They let you see how you react and how to act natural. It’s a fun way to have some awesome photos of you as a couple and to bond with the photographer who you probably chosen for your wedding day too. As you’ll spend most of that day together, it’s important to see that you’re a good fit and on the same page with the approach towards photography.

Planning a beach engagement photo shoot? Contact me for a chat, I’d love to hear about your plans!