Fun Couple Photo Shoot in Paris

Paris couple photo shoot with lots of laughter and love

We had fun by Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coure and enjoyed lots of cheese and wine

This destination photo shoot feature an amazingly fun couple: Alina and Dragos. They wanted an anniversary photo shoot to celebrate their marriage in a city with a lot of meaning to them: Paris. Alina worked from there for more than a year and Dragos was visiting every other weekend hence they have so many fond memories there.

We spend a really nice day together –  we wondered on the beautiful streets, ate all the cheese, drank all the wine and laughed hard! We even had a session of helium talk because we’re kids and we’re cool haha!

couple on a carousel in Paris laughing

Why did you choose to do a Paris couple photo shoot?

We just celebrated 1 year from marriage and we committed to capture in photos our relationship yearly. It will be a great experience to remember all the funny memories from the session in 10-20-40-50 years from now :))

Did you have any concerns before the shoot?

Dragos was expecting a “stiff” photo session.. Me (Alina), I was just worried that Dragos will not feel comfortable during the photo session.

What was your favourite bit of the Paris photo shoot?

Alina: My favourite part of our destination photo shoot was the fact that I was not in an “alert” status. Corina is the type of photographer that is not looking for the “perfect” shot and was not asking us to pose and pretend. She looks to capture honest reactions, to translate into images our feelings and this is why we love her.

Dragos: In terms of location, the Eiffel tour Carousel ride – I was sceptical when Alina suggested the place, but actually it was one of the most funny parts of the photo session.  In terms of feeling, I really enjoyed the fact that all 3 of us laughed so loud. Yeah, it was a fun experience and can’t wait for the next ones.

Anything else you’d like to share about your Paris couple photo shoot?

Let me quote Dragos: “It was the first photo session where I really felt great!”

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