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What’s it all about?

Life has a sneaky way of moving fast. We get carried away with responsibilities, chores, things to plan, projects to finish and we find ourselves trying to figure out when time passed so quickly. Families are like an organism: they evolve, expand and blossom with every passing day. A day in a life photo shoot is a way of documenting your family life at one given time in it’s journey. Something to help you remember honest and natural moments as they happened.

I adore getting to know families, what makes them tick, what fused them together and what quirky moments do they share. Every family is different, with unique traits and routines. That’s why I always aim to capture stories that will be meaningful years and years after.

Whatever stage you are in your life right now, I’m sure there are beautiful moments to be captured and cherished by generations to come.



My style and how I work

My mission is to capture the beauty of true and raw family life with it’s laughs and love teamed up with chaos and tantrums. During our shoot I don’t direct or interfere, I just let events unfold naturally and capture their uniqueness.

Whether you’re looking to book me for a  maternity, newborn or day in the life photo shoot, my approach will be the same: natural, creative and stress free with no awkward poses. I like to represent true moments, personalities and connections within the family.

For our shoot I always recommend picking an everyday natural environment. It can be an outdoor place with meaning to you, snuggled up on your sofa, cooking your favourite dish or playing your usual games.

Before the shoot I like to get to know your family a bit, understand the dynamics and what’s important to you. That’s why a quick chat or Skype call before is my way to go.

If this sounds like the thing for you, contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.



2017 Family Photography Highlights

What are the options?

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Mini Family shoot

2 hours family photo shoot at home or in a location with meaning for you.
80+ individually edited images in an online gallery password protected.

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Half a day in your life shoot

4 hours family shoot at home - great for capturing a small insight in your daily life.
150+ individually edited images in an online gallery password protected.

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Full day in your life shoot

10 hours family shoot at home from getting up to bedtime for a full comprehensive life story.
350+ individually edited images in an online gallery password protected.

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