Oaks Farm Wedding Photography

Gorgeous DIY Garden Wedding at Oaks Farm in Croydon, London

Featuring a really fun party and guests from all across the globe

If you’re watching my Instagram stories you know I’m currently enjoying Nepal, stuffing my face with momos and keeping my camera handling skills sharp with street photography. I’m also happy that I found a cute coffee place with fast internet because it means I get to share with you this amazing garden party wedding at Oaks Farm.

Ella and Mark were the perfect example of a couple doing things their way. They had a lot of DIY decorations that they created together and they put their awesome personalities into the wedding. We started the day with lots of laughter while Ella was getting ready.

The ceremony was sweet and emotional, followed by a very relaxed garden reception. The party that followed was so much fun as we danced our shoes off. I’ll pass the mic to lovely Ella so you can read some fantastic wedding day insight from the newlyweds themselves:

wedding couple laughing during photo shoot at Oaks Farm Wedding

What was the highlight of your Oaks Farm Wedding and why?

“It’s hard to pick a moment when all you ever dreamed about comes true. Some parts of the day are still a blur, probably due to stress, nerves and anxiety. My favourite part of the entire day must be walking down the aisle and seeing Marks face. The expression he had when he saw me is something that I will cherish forever.

All the stress and everything else was worth it, just to see that look on his face. It’s something that is not going to happen to us again in our lives and that makes it all more special.”

Bride walking down the aisle at Oaks Farm Wedding

What made you choose Oaks Farm Weddings as your venue?

“We always knew what we wanted our wedding to look like. I think that is the most important thing. Because you can build on that. Oaks Farm is pretty and romantic, with a garden vibe – like tea in the park. It had easy access for us and all the guests that were coming from far and near.

The fact that we could make it our own, add our little touches to it made it more personal and less of a show room.”

guests chatting in the garden at Oaks Farm Wedding

What made you choose the details, outfits and accessories? What’s you favourite bit about them?

“We combined things that we like, the colours, the theme and also the versatility of all the people that were going to be involved in the wedding party. Grey and lavender are Marks favourite colours and I like blush. We decided to make our own decorations, to arrange the flowers ourselves and pick the suit and the wedding dress that it would best represent us and our personalities.

Plus this gave us a chance to do loads of things together, and plan for it together, so that all will be made by US. We don’t really get to spend much time together in a day to day basics so this is another memory to add to our special treasure chest.”

bride and groom cutting the cake at Oaks Farm Wedding

Did you had anything special planned for the guests as entertainment? What did you love about it?

“If you would know us you know our friends kinda entertain themselves?. Anyway for everyone that came from abroad to UK for the 1st time, the absolute requirement was a trip to London, and pizza and beers at out home. During the day we had a photo booth and little prezzies for everyone to enjoy when they left. For the older generations and for those who appreciate a touch of classical music we had the absolute pleasure of having 2 cellos for a few hours.”

bride dancing at Oaks Farm Wedding venue

Do you have any comments about your wedding photographer? What was it like working with Corina?

“Well that is a good question. What to say. Corina is SURPRIZING. She is like an onion, if you ever heard of this saying . Layer upon layer upon layer. With every one of them peeled away you discover something new and exiting. Fun and attentive, intuitive and passionate, professional and charismatic and the list goes on. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you Corina, to work with you and to have you part of one of the most important days of our lives.You make it more special. Thank you X”

Any advice for couples planning their wedding day?

“1st of all just breath??. I know that it might sound silly but try it. Take a moment and just soak it all in. Make it yours. Find things that you love and make them your own. And just enjoy it. The entire process, the planing, the cakes, the shopping and venues that you are going to visit, the time spend with your girls and your partner. And ask for help if you need it. Is all going to be fabulous because is your day. Good luck !xx”

Keep scrolling for some fun wedding photography at Oaks Farm wedding venue:

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