Geeky and fun destination wedding in Kefalonia, Greece

Gorgeous wedding destination for a geeky fun crowd

Featuring games, lots of laughter, a beautiful sea and sea turtles

Last year I went to Greece for the first time with my friends on an amazing inland road trip and I told myself I HAVE TO GO BACK. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long for that as in June this year I got to experience one of those gorgeous Greek Island that everyone keeps talking about. Boy don’t I feel silly now for taking so long to visit haha.

Thanks to the amazing wedding of Daria and Andrei I got to experience Kefalonia – a beautiful island with incredible clear waters, friendly people, good wine (from what I heard, I’ll explain later) and perfect setup for nature lovers. I’ve spent a whole of 4 days with the happy couple and their close family and friends and it was so great to get to know them and enjoy time together. This also allowed me to document their whole Greek adventure into a full comprehensive story. (although I missed the bonus points for not doing it in Abed’s style from Community)

A fun wedding full of personality

I met Andrei and Daria while doing their maternity photo shoot last year. Since then they had an amazing little boy, they planned a wedding in Greece and Daria even ran a half marathon. They’re really cool people to hang out with and you’ll get a sense of what I mean if you can keep count of the geeky references in this blog post! Andrei is from Romania, Daria from Russia, they both live in London, so obviously they had their wedding in Greece! It seems fit since they’re both foodies, they love to travel, trek and enjoy planning mental adventures!

In my opinion they found the recipe for an amazing wedding: outdoors on a gorgeous beach with their favourite people, featuring wine tasting, yummy food, games and charades. The day before the wedding we met for a swim and some drinks by the beach. The wedding day was incredibly sunny and hot, but luckily we were close to the sea and had plenty of cool drinks.

The ceremony was very intimate and was officiated by a good friend. It involved a lot of Starcraft references, emotional speeches that made me tear behind the camera and some red wine to seal the deal, obviously! And as even everything was not wonderful enough, during the couple shoot on the beach we saw a turtle laying eggs. After sunset we chatted, enjoyed some board-games, charades and drinks by the beach. They even made a special app as a photo game for the guest to play on their phones during the wedding with challenges and prizes. I still have it on my phone even if I was the worst player haha!

Just looking back at that wedding day in Kefalonia Greece everything just seems perfect and so unreal. I can keep talking about it as I’m sure I won’t run out of things to say, however I think you’ll get a better sense from the photos!

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