London Wedding at the Chartridge Lodge

Beautiful and emotional London wedding

A cultural fusion

I was really excited about this wedding and I knew that we’ll get along just great, as before booking me Melinda confessed the reason they wanted me: “I think you are a great moment-catcher!”. YAY!

Melinda is from Hungary, Andrei from Romania and their life journey together started a while back as a workplace love story. To share their excitement with their favourite people, they flew people from all over the world making their wedding a great family reunion too. As some of them hadn’t seen each other for years, it really was a privilege to be a part of such an amazing event.

Let those tears go!

Their day was a reminder that I absolutely love what I’m doing. My job as a wedding photographer takes me to the heart of events full of magic and true emotions. This wedding was definitely one of those, as there were moments when I had to hide my sobs and smiles behind the camera. Seeing their tears when taking their vows and hearing the trembling in their voices literally gave me goose bumps!

After an intimate ceremony at the Beaconsfield Town Hall we moved to the Chartridge Lodge for the wedding reception. The bride and groom enjoyed some quiet time around the park to take in the fact that they’re newlyweds. This was a cool opportunity for me to snap some more intimate pictures.