Paris Street Photography

Having fun on a Street Photography trip in Paris

Paris Street photography – a healing process

Street photography for me is therapy. Is a way of shutting down from everything going on in your life and focusing on finding beauty and experimenting a city through your viewfinder. Last February I was restless, out of focus and anxious to get out of London. So I asked my friend Alina if she would share her couch in Paris with me – Thanks my friend! Something was calling me to be out on the streets. And so I did. I have to admit I spent a lot of my time in Paris just wandering aimlessly or trying different kind of wines (not complaining). But I came back to London refreshed and grateful that I have something special to miss when I’m away.

How welcoming was Paris?

I knew beforehand that there are laws in France that make Street photography in Paris kind of illegal. Did that stop me? heh. But what I noticed was that people were very aware of the camera. If I would stop for a shot and wait for someone to wonder in my frame I could have waited forever. People would avoid the camera or I would even get a dirty look here and there. However Paris is still the same romantic city that makes you want to walk for hours and uncover cool stories. My highlight was when I randomly made it to 59 Rivoli: an amazing open art studio spread on four floors in a former legalised squat.

I’ll let you experience a bit of my Street Photography work in Paris :

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