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Because YOU should recognise yourself in YOUR wedding photos

Hey there! I’m Corina and I’ve been a full time Sussex wedding photographer since 2017 and I’m really loving it! From cosy pubs, to gorgeous barns and lush fields and hills, I really think Sussex is the best place for a wedding. If you’re up for something more urban, Brighton and Lewes are right there and ready for fantastic celebrations. I live in Sussex so I know all the best spots for portraits and all the fun and wholesome wedding venues.

I'm a curious creature with a wild heart. I put a lot of passion in what I do as wedding photography it really is me living my dream (I have a master degree in Economics and worked in finance to save up for my cameras).

I absolutely adore living in Sussex and enjoying the countryside, always trying to go for long walks hoping I'll get to see some cows or sheep (hello South Downs!) or find a bridge where I can watch trains go past. When I'm not out and about, I'm at home with my husband and cat, either giggling on the sofa watching silly things or playing my train simulator where I get to drive a train from Brighton to Victoria.

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My approach to wedding photography:

My goal is to tell the story of your wedding without the experience of having a photographer around. I blend in as one of the guests, by joining the celebrations instead of being a fly on the wall. Most of the time wedding guests ask me how do I know the couple as they just assume I'm a very camera savvy friend. This approach allows me to capture you and your best people being themselves. I also empathise with how uncomfortable is to be in front of the camera so although I specialise in documentary wedding photographer, I'm not just going to chuck you in a field and hope for the best. I'll give a bit of guidance to get you all giggly and comfortable so that you can recognise yourself in the photos.

No Fuss

No Cheesiness

No Awkward Poses

Corina did such a brilliant job of capturing the essence of our wedding day from start to finish. Her photos are perfect because they’re not ‘perfect’; they’re in no way posed or forced. When we look at them we’re reminded of all the love and laughter we shared with our friends and family on the day. We feel extremely lucky to have found her and we can’t recommend her enough!

Grace and John

"We absolutely loved having Corina as our wedding photographer. She was a lovely and calming presence on the day, and her photographs were stunning! She has a very special talent of capturing these incredible moments - she’s in and around mingling and capturing people in their element for beautiful, natural photos. We were so impressed with the outcome and would highly recommend her!"

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I have answers:

Still have questions?

Are you based in Sussex?

Do you stay after the first dance?

Yes I am and I really love it! I usually hop on a train to travel to weddings, but I have a little red car that allows me to travel up and down for more remote venues.

Oh yes! I usually stay well into the party as I think the best moves are later in the night when friends and family get merry and excited. Sometimes the last song of the night is a real explosion of hugs, cheers and all around love.

Can we chat with you on a video call before booking?

What are your wedding photography package prices?

I always meet my couples before they book me as I think it's important to see that we click and to know what to expect from me. A Zoom call is the most convenient and environmental friendly way to say hi :)

I like to keep everything transparent and easy so I always have prices on my website, no fancy brochures sorry. Head over to my pricing page and have a snoop around: click here.

Do you photograph weddings all around Sussex?

Can we see a full wedding before booking?

Yes, from Chichester in West Sussex to Hasting in East Sussex I photograph all over. I know a lot of venues and I have lots of experience to embrace new wedding venues too.

Of course! I like to set expectations so I always share a slideshow and a full wedding gallery before you book.

Are you a full time wedding photographer?

Do you have any top tips for planning a wedding in Sussex?

Yes, I am a full time wedding photographer since 2017. Although I absolutely adore what I do, this is definitely not just a weekend hobby. I offer my full time and dedication to make sure my couples have the absolute best wedding photography experience!

Yes! Do things your way and have a blast no matter the weather as it rarely matters! Make a priority list when it comes to must haves: outdoors ceremony, accommodation included, festival, urban or countryside feel.