The Ultimate Guide to Having Pets at Your Wedding

Five ways to involve your pets in your wedding

Couples having their amazing pets at wedding, what more could I ask for? If you know me you probably know I LOVE pets so I really enjoy weddings where they’re guests of honour.

Some couples go all in with this idea, like having their wedding in a cat sanctuary. Mental! Others are just looking into getting their cute furry / non furry friend involved in their wedding day.

Here are a few personal guidelines to get you inspired on how to have your adorable companion by your side on your wedding day.

1. Doggy guests

Make your dog one of the guests. He’ll bring the happy-go-lucky vibe to the day, wagging his tail around and being awesome at entertaining your guests.

Girl playing with dog in the field at wedding in London

Photo Credit: Corina Photography

2. Stress free birdie pets

Is your pet an owl/ parrot or chicken? Yerr a wizard Harry! But really now, please don’t take your birdie pet with you on the wedding day. I can only imagine how stressful this would be for both of you. An idea would be to have your pet by your side when you’re getting ready at home. It would be a stress free environment and you’ll still have your lovely birdie with you and in your photos.

3. The photo companion

Include your pet in the engagement photos or in after wedding photos. Again, be careful to consider the environment in order to avoid any unwanted stress for your cute companion.

Cat on a wedding dress

4. The four legged ring bearer

Do you want a faithful four-legged ring bearer? For this one you really need to know your pet and how it will behave under the pressure of being in the centre of attention. I only recommend this for a small intimate ceremony, maybe a backyard wedding.

dog attending a wedding ceremony at a festival wedding

Photo Credit: Corina Photography

5. The faithful pet sitter

Consider a pet sitter or someone to help you with the logistics. Having a person responsible with the care and safety of your pet will give you peace of mind for the day. Plus this way your pet will be happy and less stressed and if things get too wild at the party, you know your pet will get home safe and sound.

Bride and groom taking photos in a field with their dog

Photo Credit: Corina Photography

Leaving my crazy ideas behind, don’t forget to check with your venue that animals are allowed on the property. You don’t want any surprises on your wedding day and the venue will know to have bowls of water and a bit of food / treats available.

And last but not least , the most important thing to consider is your pet personality and if what you have in mind is a safe fit for it. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to figure this out:

  • Is your pet kid friendly?
  • Is he really energetic and constantly looking for attention?
  • Is he used to large crowds?
  • Are any of your guests allergic to pets?

Planning on having your pet at your wedding? Love to hear more about it!