Colourful Couple Photo Shoot in Brighton

Love is love in this Brighton couple photo shoot

With it’s colourful streets and amazing sea, Brighton is the perfect location for a couple photo shoot

As Brighton Pride is around the corner this weekend it feels so good to share this amazing Brighton couple photo shoot I did a few weeks back. Harriet and DJ are one incredible duo that made me smile all morning while editing their photos! Our story together goes back to me photographing their gorgeous wedding last year. Now they’re celebrating their love with a photo shoot in Brighton!

I’ve recently moved from London down to Brighton and I couldn’t love it more. This is definitely the place to be for me. The pace, the beautiful and friendly people, the cosy coffee places and cool bars keep me happy and entertained. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

We started our Brighton couple photo shoot at the Prince Albert Pub where we had some nice Cube Libre and talked about all the silly things. Afterwards we just wandered off, taking photos with colourful streets full of graffiti, stopped at some pubs and ended our photo shoot down by the beach and Brighton Pier.

same sex couple photo shoot next to a colourful grafitti

1. Why did you choose to do a Brighton couple photo shoot?

We wanted to do a couples photo shoot as we thought it would be a great album to look back on one day. And why wouldn’t we want to put our love and affection in hard copy for life. The decision was really easy when we thought back to our wedding photographer.

2. ‎What was your favourite bit of this Brighton photo shoot?

Our favourite part was just walking around enjoying ourselves and talking with Corina. She made us feel so at ease.

4. Did you have any concerns before the shoot?

Harriet was nervous which you could tell but once she got over that everything was perfect.

I’ll add to the last question above that having a drink before might have helped haha!

Enough babbling, here are some photos from that wonderful day! Harriet and DJ – can’t wait to see you again soon 🙂

Planning a couple photo shoot in Brighton? I’d love to hear more about it!