Richmond Park Engagement Photo Shoot

Outdoors engagement photo shoot in Richmond Park

Featuring lots of cuddles, laughs and even some deer

I’ve always enjoyed nature and outdoor random activities: walking through a field, lying in the grass and watching the clouds or just closing my eyes whenever I’m in a forest so I can “hear” it better. That’s why I reaaally enjoyed this Richmond Park engagement photo shoot with lovely Rebecca and Chris. I had such a great time with them both!

We warmed up with a pint at Roebuck Pub and I started taking some photos while they finished their beers and honestly they’re the best: relaxed, natural and true to their character. Afterwards we went for a stroll along the Thames and into Richmond park, stopping for a bit to admire London’s skyline dominated by St Paul Cathedral – where Rebecca and Chris will get married next year. Can’t wait to photograph their St Paul’s cathedral wedding! By the way, did you know you can see St Paul Cathedral from Richmond Park? This view is protected by law so no buildings can be raised to obstruct it. There we go, fact of the day, you’re welcome 🙂

couple hugging during an engamenent photo shoot in Isabella plantation

Having fun on a relaxed photo shoot

During our stroll through Richmond park we enjoyed lovely light, friendly people, a cute herd of deer and some amazing flowers in Isabella plantation – the place where Chris proposed to Rebecca exactly a year before our engagement photo shoot.  I enjoyed getting to know them and I think engagement photo shoots are a good way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. We also had a good laugh as I told them my countless adventures and we bonded over our shared obsession for Le Bab – amazing place for foodies.

I’ll let you check the photos from this Richmond Park Engagement, I’m biased obviously but I think they’re pretty cool and soooo fun!

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