Winter Wedding Photography

Fun Same-Sex Winter Wedding

A same-sex wedding at Ye Olde Plough House

I’m a strong believer that love is love and we should always embrace and appreciate it in all kinds of ways. So when Harriet wrote to me in 2016 that she and her partner DJ enjoyed my photos and they want me for their same-sex wedding, I was honestly over the moon. I never experienced something so sincere and beautiful and I feel that whatever I’ll write here it just won’t do it justice. But here it goes.

First time we met to discuss about their wedding, Harriet and DJ shared with me their beautiful story. I won’t go into detail, but I remember the admiration and emotion DJ had in her eyes when she said Harriet was so amazing for how she walked up to her on the street and asked for her number. Harriet later confessed that she wouldn’t normally do something like that, but that’s just to prove that when you know, you know.

Moving a few years forward, here we are on their wedding day in a cold frosty November morning, with me running around like a lunatic, wanting to be in all places at once for fear of not missing something. The getting ready, the ceremony and reception – all took place at Ye Olde Plough House, where everybody was very welcoming and nice. The ceremony was absolutely incredible and the speeches took me on a roller coaster ride from choking with tears to laughter and wonder. Harriet and DJ are lucky and aware of the beautiful connection they have with their family and friends – such a great bunch. The reception was really fun too with cool music, lovely first dance, lots of shots and cool moves.

Something out of this world

I won’t go into details of how the day was organised and everything ran smoothly, even if it did. What I’ll talk about is how lucky being a part of this wedding made me feel and how grateful at the end of the day. Seeing so much happiness just for being able to get married and say “YES!” in front of loved ones, put things into perspective and made me realise how easily we take things for granted.

Love is a privilege, a gift and should be treated as our most precious life experience, treasuring it every day like it would be the last time we’ll be lucky enough to have it. This is exactly what I learned at my last wedding of 2017. Listening to the painfully beautiful vows Harriet and DJ made to each other during the ceremony, I was surprised to feel tears rolling from my eyes, and I’m not one to cry easily. I looked around and I saw something I never experienced before: a room full of people smiling and crying and hugging each other with joy. Something out of this world.

Thank you Harriet and DJ – I’ll always keep your wedding as an example of pure love and happiness. What a way to end such a beautiful and life changing year!

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