Best of 2017 Wedding Photography

An incredible year for my wedding photography

2017 was for me a defining year in terms of wedding photography and personal growth. I learned a lot about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, what makes me tick, what keeps me curious and what can I do to be a better person. I met some absolutely incredible and life changing people, from my awesome wedding couples to photographer friends in the industry. I travelled to places I’ve always wanted to go, attended wedding conferences and workshops and had new amazing experiences. It wasn’t all easy but that just made me appreciate more what I have in my life – friends and family.

From the bottom of my heart a big Thank you all!

All weddings I had in 2017 were absolutely incredible with genuinely lovely people. We laughed together, shared some very emotional moments, cried and danced our shoes off. Massive THANK YOU to each and every single one of the crazy-awesome couples that trusted me with their wedding photography. I am truly grateful and humbled to be a part of such special days.

I really enjoyed looking back through all last year’s wedding photos and select my top 100. This is just a personal choice and was really hard to keep it to just 100 photographs – but I think they sum up well my wedding photography style. They represent what I’m looking to capture through my photography: fun and laughter, quirky ways of expressing emotions, strong connections, true and raw moments and some awesome fun dancing moves.

Hope you enjoy the below slideshow as much as I enjoyed making this selection over a glass of wine and some cheesy music.

Thank you all! Here’s to an amazing 2018!