Comic Book themed Wedding at The Phene

Comic Book Wedding with Intimate ceremony at Chelsea Town Hall

Putting your quirky self into your wedding

Your wedding day is the day when your uniqueness and your quirky self should shine at its best! You’re a Harry Potter fan? Put some charms and spells on it! Do you have an obsession for gaming? Bring hints of it in your wedding!

This is exactly what Koula and Cristian did for their Comic Book themed Wedding! They’re Marvel Comics fans and so bits and pieces of their wedding day were inspired by superheros! The bouquet was made of beautiful flowers crafted from comic book pages featuring female super heroes such as Wonder Women, BatGirl and Gamora, while the boutonnieres were featuring Dead Pool and Iron Man. Wicked and quirky!

couple walking on the streets of London

A Greek – Romanian fusion wedding at The Phene

The day was so beautiful, sunny with a nice breeze and a few dramatic clouds. The ceremony was held at Chelsea Old town Hall where families and friends came together to celebrate love. Koula’s family is from Greece and Cristian’s from Romania so the day was a nice mix of families and nationalities coming together – some in person and some via the amazing technology of video call.

After the ceremony we went on a short stroll on London’s streets for some photos with the happy couple. We enjoyed how the wind was playing with Koula’s hair on the Albert Bridge and we giggled at the silly faces they can pull off. Afterwards we joined family and friends at The Phene Pub for their intimate wedding reception. They were all a fun bunch and the day was filled by laughter, love and giggles. The Phene Pub proved to be a very cool venue for an intimate wedding full of personality.

Congratulations Koula and Cristian!

Planning your own comic book wedding? Looking into a wedding at The Phene? Contact me for a chat, I’d love to hear about your plans!