Brighton College Wedding with a Festival Twist

Brighton College ceremony followed by a really fun reception featuring ceilidh dancing, outdoors games and an overall festival feel

When Chrissie and Claude told me they’re getting married at Brighton College, followed by a photo shoot in the field with their dog and a relaxed reception at a family friends barn, I squealed with joy. The whole day was a pleasure to photograph, with so many happy moments and amazing dancing. Plus being in Brighton and so close to home was an added bonus.

A personal wedding ceremony at Brighton College

Brighton College has a beautiful Chapel with amazing stained glass windows, wonderful architecture and lovely grounds. It’s a listed historic building in the heart of Brighton’s Kemptown. The ceremony was amazing and full of personality. I want to give a special shout out to the vicar who talked about love being love, equality and acceptance, which are all values close to my heart.

After a quite intense confetti attack we enjoyed the Brighton College grounds for a bit, before making our way to the kennels. Yes, you heard right. Me and the happy couple took a small detour to go take some really lovely photos with their doggy in a field. I’m a big pet lover so this was the highlight of my day – sorry guys, your wedding was amazing too haha!

Barn wedding with festival food and drinks, outdoors games and ceilidh dancing

After our cuteness dose of taking photos with their dog, we joined the party at a family barn nearby. The barn and grounds were carefully decorated with DYI flowers in wine glasses and loads of fairy lights. We enjoyed delicious festival type foods and loads of Pimms while watching the guests play all kind of games from cricket to ping pong and bean bag tossing.

Afterwards I got to photograph the most amazing ceilidh dance I’ve ever seen! After learning the steps so that I’d know where to be without getting knocked over, I managed to capture the ceilidh dancing in full swing. Such a great experience!

In their words: “The highlights of our day was taking photos with our doggy in the field. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable on the day so the dress code was festival feel. As entertainment we had cricket and other outdoors games and ceilidh dancing was a good way to get the party started. Having Corina as our wedding photographer was a fantastic experience. She was respectful of our wishes and took some stunning photos.”

Congratulations Chrissie and Claude and well done for planning such a fun wedding!

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