Brighton Pride Parade Street Photography 2018

Enjoying Brighton Pride Parade through my camera

If you know me, you also know that I love street photography, I adore Brighton and I strongly believe loving freely shouldn’t be a privilege – so I grabbed my camera to capture some smiley faces at the Brighton Pride Parade last week.

Amazing Brighton became my home a few months ago when me and my boyfriend were looking for a place that can bring smiles on our faces and warmth in our hearts. Brighton did that and so much more. We found here a pace we longed for and friendly faces happy to help. The streets full of art, the colourful pubs on every corner and the feeling that you are free to be your awesome self is what brings Brighton so close to our hearts. I

t’s a city so diverse, so free and so willing to embrace it’s beautiful people no matter of race, beliefs, ethnicity or sexual orientation. It’s probably why Brighton Pride Parade is one of the best known Pride Parades in the UK – people come from all over for this crazy intense and joyful weekend!

I was ecstatic to see so many charities raising awareness against any kind of discrimination, bullying in schools, in sports, but also raising awareness for mental health, diversity and equality. My only wish would be to see more of this and less of big chains trying to promote themselves.

Either way, I’m really happy I could join the Pride Parade in Brighton for the first time. I’ve been to Pride in Bucharest and London and while they’re all amazing and wonderful in how they bring people together, they’re also very different. I think this is a good thing because it brings things into perspective and it opens your eyes to international struggles.  I hope in time I’ll get to experience Pride Parade in different cities. Who know, maybe next one if Berlin.

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