Destination Wedding in Castiglioncello Italy

Beautiful French and Romanian fusion wedding in Castiglioncello, Italy

The impossible – when love and fate work together

Felicia and Sébastien met by chance when Sébastien was in Bucharest, Romania on a very short trip. Their connection was undeniable and the rest is just beautiful history, but one cannot wonder what were the chances? This is why they describe themselves as “the impossible” – something I resonated with deeply as recently I found myself faced with a wonderful love that I can only describe as impossible.

After spending some amazing few days with them in Italy, I felt like it was such a privilege for me to be there and to witness their love. From their amazing story (that I got to learn more of), to their heart-stirring wedding vows, everything felt like being in an incredible romantic movie set by Federico Fellini.

I cried behind the camera, I got goose-bumps seeing the connection between Felicia and her wonderful grandma, I laughed at the silliness from the speeches and joined in at the party later. Their wedding is one of the fondest memories I have from from last year. It felt like a sign from the universe to reconnect with old friends and to never forget to value the love that surrounds me.

Villa Parisi was the perfect location for this Castiglioncello wedding

Felicia and Sébastien decided to get all their loved ones together for an amazing adventure in Italy! We spend a few wonderful days in Florence where we had fun on a relaxed engagement photo shoot. Next day we made our way for the wedding in Castiglioncello, where the sea, the sun and the lovely team from Villa Parisi were waiting for us.

Castiglioncello is a gorgeous little town in Tuscany surrounded by pinewoods, cliffs, coves and sandy beaches. It’s really the perfect location for a destination wedding. We took advantage of the sunny weather, the stunning location and the beautiful Villa Parisi and we all had a blast.

I asked the happy couple to share their feedback on the wedding photos they received and it honestly made my day.

“We chose Corina to shoot our wedding in Italy, so she had to come all the way from UK to take pictures of us. It was the best decision we made, as now we have every little moment and emotion on camera. Honestly I don’t know how she did it, but she knew where to be in order to capture everything. She was with us the whole way: through the Florence tour we organised a day before, the engagement shooting, going to the wedding venue and throughout the weeding until the end.

I loved that she took the time to plan the D day with us beforehand and asked us what exactly we would like to have, what we expect, which are the “important” people to picture. And she didn’t forget a thing: from details, to formals, portraits, to being in the middle of the party to capture people having fun, she got it all. We really loved the quality of the photos, but mainly that she captured smiles and tears and people having fun. You can really feel something when you look at the pics. I love them all. Even the details. :))

What I really love about them is that they feel alive! They aren’t the boring photos you usually see out there. They tell something about the moment they were capturing.

Below you can enjoy Felicia and Sébastien amazing wedding adventure in Castiglioncello:

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