Fun Couple Photo Shoot in Brighton

Brighton is a photographer’s dream with so many colours, amazing streets and happy faces on every corner

Razvan and Lucia are an amazing pair, always smiling and up for having fun. It was such a pleasure to have them on this colourful photo shoot in Brighton. The cold weather and the strong winds didn’t stop us!

We walked along the Brighton Beach, played around the colourful beach huts in Hove Lawns and had a quiet moment at the West Pier Ruins. We had deep chats about life and silly jokes. Can’t wait to see their cute faces again as I’m sure we have more moments to share together! Now over to Razvan and Lucia for their take on the photo shoot.

couple hugging on photo shoot in Brighton

Why did you choose to do a couple photo shoot in Brighton?

This year was very different for us as a couple, because we took a leap of faith and Lucia gave up her job to dedicate 100% of her time to our family business.
So we decided to be even braver and actually get in front of the camera for a fun shoot with Corina to help us remember this special year!

couple silhouette by West Pier Ruins in Brighton

What was your favourite bit of your fun couple photo shoot?

We were both relaxed and not at all self conscious during the shoot – we just went with the flow. Corina was brilliant as she just let us be us!
Our favourite location was in front of the colourful beach huts on the Hove Lawns- they provided such a lovely backdrop.

couple holding hands in front of colourful beach huts in Hove

Anything else you’d like to share?

After seeing the photos we asked ourselves why we didn’t do this before?
All couples should treat themselves with a fun and relaxed professional photo-shoot from time to time, special occasion or not.
And a Big Thanks to Corina for the images – we absolutely love both them and her!

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