London wedding couple photo shoot

Having fun on a beautiful London couple photo shoot

Central London offers so many amazing locations for a photo shoot

Katherinne and Luis are from Santiago, Chile, but they wanted to celebrate the place where they met and fell in love: London. So on a busy Saturday morning we met at Westminster station, walked around, Katherinne in her beautiful wedding dress, and we took photos while having so much fun!

People were congratulating them or wanting to take pictures with the happy couple, it was so crazy and funny! Katherinne and Luis are a lovely couple, they love and respect each other’s wishes and know how to preserve the love and happiness they have.

Love getting to know my couples on a photo shoot

I also had the pleasure of talking with Luis and finding out that we share similar taste in music: Luis is a guitar player in a band named Target. I listened to their album Knot of Centipedes while editing their pictures, I honestly don’t know how they turned out so romantic! Make sure to check them out here, they’re crazy good!

Oh and a few pictures from this beautiful London wedding couple photo shoot below. Enjoy!

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