London Pub Summer Wedding

London Pub Wedding with super fun music

The County Arms was the perfect location for a fun wedding

The first time I met Vanessa and Duncan I knew they’d be a really fun couple. As I was showing them my work from other weddings, they kept giggling at the photos with dance floor shenanigans, telling me this is what they want on their wedding. Perfect, crazy fun dance moves are my jam! What they planned for their wedding day was an awesome London Pub Wedding at The County Arms.

Surrounded by family and friends, you could tell that this was the moment everybody waited for, ever since Duncan proposed to Vanessa on one ski (get it? knee – ski? cause they were skiing? Anyway…) The ceremony was lovely, cute little moments and lots of laughter.

Hilarious Wedding Speeches and a Mad Party

So far so good. What I was not prepared for were the speeches! A mixture of raw emotions and laughter that I could barely see from the tears. I swear I never laughed so hard at a wedding. It was all Duncan’s friends fault as they decided to do a Great British Wedding Bake Off. All I can say is that now I KNOW TOO MUCH, haha!

And as expected, the party started with a very romantic first dance, right? NO! I found out that the couple is really into house music and so the first dance was crazy fun with mad moves! Shots were had, shoes were tossed and socks were danced off! If you’re looking for the recipe to an awesome-fun party then having a London pub wedding with your favourite people might be your best pick. Don’t believe me? See for yourself below.

In their words

“You did such a great job! Wow, just wow! We love the photos! What wonderful memories we will have forever, we can’t thank you enough. You really captured so much love, fun and laughter. We had the best day ever and it’s wonderful looking back to see everyone else enjoying the day as much as we did. The images are brilliant; you did a great job and we can’t wait to show everyone!” – Vanessa and Duncan

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