London Registry Office Wedding Photography

Colourful London Registry Office wedding with some fun and happy celebrations at The Ivy House Pub in Peckham

Join me for a super happy London Registry Office Wedding, featuring an amazing red Indian outfit, a lovely fun couple and an explosion of colourful confetti. Rav and Tom got married in autumn last year at the Southwark Registry Office in London and it was absolutely perfect. Afterwards we adventured together to Peckham Rye Park where we took some fun wedding photos in The Sexby Garden. Drinks, yummy food and lots of laughter were had at The Ivy House in Pechkam, one of their favourite pubs the area around Peckham and Nunhead. I really really enjoyed Rav and Toms wedding, I always love to capture such happiness and joy at honestly a pub is the best place to be!

But enough from me, here is the happy couple saying a few words about their London Southwark Registry Office Wedding.

wedding couple at ceremony at Southwark Registry Office in London

What was the highlight of your wedding day and why?

The speeches – it’s great to hear your friends and family say nice (and occasionally embarrassing) things about you. Also our DJ – she was a friend which made it extra special.

What made you choose the details, outfits and accessories for you and your partner?

Rav wanted her outfit to be red as it’s the traditional Indian bridal colour, so lots of the accessories stemmed from that. We went for really bright colours for the wedding, especially for the flowers and the confetti, which came out really well in the photos. One of my favourite photos is the one below – we love the colours and composition!”

wedding couple walking in Peckham Rye park

Do you have any comments about your wedding photographer? What was it like working with Corina?

She was excellent – really great to work with and fitted in really well with the day. We had so many comments from guests on how friendly she was on the day, and how well the photos captured the day. We’re really happy with the photos – they’re exactly the style we wanted and they really capture the day. Also the slideshow is a really good idea – it means we could share highlights with friends and family really easily.

Any advice for couples planning their wedding day?

Make sure the two of you take a moment away from your guests to just take it all in – it will fly by. And try to go for a walk in the morning to clear your head!

Have a spreadsheet! The organisation can feel a little overwhelming, so writing everything down in detail really helps plan out what needs to happen when, and makes it easy to stay on top of costs. It also means there’s less to think about on the day.

Most of all, don’t overthink it, and have fun.

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