Best of 2018 Wedding Photography

A Huuuuge thank you!

If I had to describe my 2018 in three words it would be: fun, adventurous and brave! These three words can describe my wedding photography too, but only thanks to the amazing couples that book me for their weddings! Because of them I get to live my dream, follow my passion, travel the world and appreciate diversity! Their awesome personalities and thoughts that go into planning their weddings shine through the day and allows me to capture loads of magical moments.

So today as I reflect back on an incredible year my first thoughts go towards my couples as I realise how lucky I am to work with such beautiful people! Thank you so much for trusting me with your memories! I’m truly grateful and humbled to be allowed to be a part of such an intimate and important moment in your life!

Moved to Brighton

It was also the year when I moved to my favourite city in the UK – Brighton; and I could not be happier! I absolutely adore this place. It’s full of fun endless adventures, creativity, cool independent shops, quirky pubs and coffee places full of warm and free-spirited people.

Building a home here full of love was the highlight of my year! Now whenever I travel I can’t wait to get home. It is also a city that makes me proud as it allows you to be yourself and is very liberal in its views and vibrant community. Whoop! Go Brighton!

Take a peak at my 2018 best wedding photography from Brighton and across the world:

A personal grateful moment

This year was incredibly intense for me with a roller-coaster of emotions, both good and bad. I won’t lie, there were tough moments, but sometimes these can give you a perspective that helps you better appreciate the amazing things you have in your life. I realised how lucky I am to have an incredibly kind and supportive partner that lights up my life just by being himself and helps me dream big. His hard work, commitment and constant desire to help others keeps me inspired every single day. I can say with strength and confidence that together we can face whatever life throws our way.

It was a year of personal battles, achievements, strengthening of old friendships and discovering new ones while having my heart full of love for my amazing family and friends! A year full of hope, new adventures and truly magical and beautiful moments for which I can’t be grateful enough.

Other fun projects and adventures

While not shooting weddings I love to fill my time with projects that are meaningful to me or travelling to inspiring places. This year I managed to launch a project close to my heart – Life Uncut family photography – to document life with its perfect and not so perfect moments. I was fortunate enough to work with single mums, same sex families and other beautiful families in all sizes and shapes.
I’m also happy that I got to further pursue my street photography adventures. This year took me to France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Colombia and Morocco and I couldn’t be happier!

My Best 2018 Wedding Photos below:

Next Adventures for Corina Photography in 2019?

I’m already excited about the weddings I have booked for 2019 as they’re taking me to beautiful places and feature amazing life stories! I can’t wait to capture fun and silly moments full of love and wonder. I already planned some Street Photography adventures in Nepal and Germany and I look forward to it so bad!

I take a limited amount of weddings every year to ensure the quality of my service so if you’re getting married in 2019 or know someone who is and would love my fun wedding photography, I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to a New Year full of love, adventure and beautiful people!


Fab round up Corina, I loved looking through it all and I loved having you shoot with me this year. Hope 2019 is just as awesome. Big love x

Thank you Kirsty! It really means a lot and I loved working with you too, thanks for having me! Lots of love xx