Unleash the Quirk: Top 10 Brighton’s Coolest Wedding Photo Locations!

All the best Brighton wedding photo locations from a local fun wedding photographer

Ready to kick your wedding photos up a notch? Say goodbye to boring backdrops and hello to the vibrant, quirky charm of Brighton best wedding photo locations! As a fun wedding photographer who’s had the joy of capturing love stories in this lively city, I’m here to share my top 10 fun locations that will add an extra sprinkle of coolness to your wedding album. Get ready to embrace the unconventional, because Brighton is all about letting your unique personalities shine through. Let’s dive into the coolest spots that will make your wedding photos pop!

Photo credit Corina Photography

Here are my top 10 Fun Locations in Brighton for your Wedding Photos:

1. Brighton Pier: Where Fun Takes Center Stage!

Brighton Pier isn’t just for roller coasters and candy floss—it’s a playground for lovebirds too! Picture this: you and your partner being silly kids again with the dazzling lights of the arcade as your backdrop. The Brighton pier offers a kaleidoscope of colors, games, and rides that will turn your wedding photos into a whirlwind of fun and excitement. Trust me, you won’t be able to wipe the smiles off your faces!

Photo credit Corina Photography

2. The Lanes: Quirky Vibes and Hidden Delights!

Looking to add a touch of whimsy to your wedding photos? Look no further than the Lanes! These winding, narrow streets are bursting with character, just like you two lovebirds. Explore the colorful shops, graffitied walls, and cozy alleyways hand-in-hand. I guarantee you’ll stumble upon hidden gems that will make your photos truly unique. The Lanes are a treasure trove of quirky and casual backdrops that will have your friends swooning!

Photo credit Corina Photography

3. The Beach: Pebbles, Sun, and Chip Thieves!

Brighton’s pebble beach isn’t your ordinary sandy shoreline, and that’s precisely why it’s perfect for your wedding photos! Kick off your shoes and you walk along the shoreline or embrace the summer business. The sea will add a bit of calmness while you enjoy this time for yourselves and the picturesque West Pier ruins will bring a touch of romance. Leave it up to me to capture the laughter, the silly looks, and the carefree joy as you make memories against the backdrop of Brighton’s beautiful coastline.

Photo credit Corina Photography

4. A Brighton Pub: Cheers to Love and Good Times!

Let’s raise a glass to the amazing Brighton pubs! Brighton is known for its vibrant pub culture, and incorporating a pub into your wedding photo shoot can add a touch of authenticity and local charm. Find a cozy corner, clink glasses, and let the laughter flow. Whether it’s a quirky pub with its eclectic interiors or a beachfront spot with stunning views, the pub will be your stage for candid, carefree moments. Let me know what’s you pub vibe and I’ll give your my personal recommendations, after years of erm.. research!

Photo credit Corina Photography

5. Hove Beach Huts: Colorful Coastal Delight!

Just a stone’s throw away from Brighton, Hove Beach Huts provide a vibrant backdrop for your wedding adventures. These iconic beach huts come in an array of colors, creating a delightful visual feast. Embrace the playfulness of colours and infuse your wedding album with a sense of seaside joy and coastal charm.

Photo credit Corina Photography

6. Brighton Pavilion: the architectural equivalent of royalty, quirkiness and a pinch of eccentricity.

Ready to unleash your inner royalty? The Brighton Pavilion is the place to do it! This architectural gem with its Indo-Saracenic style is like stepping into a dream world. The Brighton Pavilion isn’t just a backdrop for your wedding; it’s a statement—an ode to love that defies norms and celebrates the beauty of individuality. The gardens are always surrounded by an eclectic mix of people and it’s a true delight to just wonder around, marvel at the architecture and let the photos to me.

Photo credit Corina Photography

7. The North Laine Murals: Street Art Extravaganza!

Brighton’s North Laine neighborhood is not just about funky shops and cafes—it’s also a hub for mesmerizing street art. Explore the vibrant alleyways and discover an array of stunning murals. From bold and colorful abstract designs to thought-provoking artistic expressions, the North Laine murals provide a unique and edgy backdrop for your wedding photos. Let the creativity and urban energy of the street art infuse your wedding photos with a cool and artistic vibe.

Photo credit Corina Photography

8. The Bandstand: A Vintage Vibe by the Sea!

For couples who adore a touch of vintage nostalgia, the Bandstand on Brighton seafront is an absolute gem. This beautiful Victorian structure exudes old-world charm and offers stunning views of the coastline. It’s the perfect intimate spot to practice your dance moves for the party later. The Bandstand’s timeless beauty will definitely transport you back to a bygone era.

Photo credit Corina Photography

9. The Arches: Urban Coolness and Artistic Flair!

The Arches on Brighton Seafront are a hub of creativity and urban coolness that make for an incredible backdrop for your wedding photos. These iconic Victorian arches, now transformed into a vibrant collection of shops, bars, and galleries, exude an artistic and eclectic atmosphere. The unique blend of urban charm, colourful murals and artistic flair found in the Arches will bring an edgy vibe that perfectly reflects Brighton’s creative spirit.

Photo credit Corina Photography

10. West Pier: A Symbol of Timeless Beauty!

While the West Pier may be a skeletal structure now, it remains a symbol of the enduring allure of Brighton’s seafront. This iconic pier offers a captivating and somewhat haunting backdrop for wedding photos. ! As the waves crash against the remnants of the pier, capture moments of romance and intimacy that reflect the passage of time and the beauty in imperfection. This marvelous skeletal structure might have seen better days, but it’s still a place where joy, imagination, and laughter come alive. I personally am very attached to the West Pier and I spent lots of wonderful moments on the beach in front of it – so many that I even dedicated a tattoo to it.

Photo credit Corina Photography

I hope my article of Brighton wedding photo locations offered a good mix of cool, quirky, and breathtaking spots that will make your wedding photos stand out from the crowd. From the eclectic streets of North Laine, the romance of the Bandstand to it’s wonderful beach and playful pier, I know all the best locations and their gems. Embrace the unique charm of each spot, let your personalities shine through, and trust me, your wedding photographer to capture the love, laughter, and joy that make your wedding day truly unforgettable.