Brighton Town Hall Winter Wedding Photos

An intimate Brighton Town Hall ceremony with stormy beach wedding photos

Ceremony at Regency Room in Brighton Town Hall Wedding

I’ve photographed many Brighton Town Hall weddings, but each and every one of them is different. Shabnah and Tom planned a beautiful and intimate winter wedding in Brighton, where they braved the stormy beaches for some photos and had a super personal reception in their home. They chose the Brighton Town Hall as they wanted something with meaning to them. I’m glad they picked Regency Room for their ceremony, one of my favourite rooms, as it’s super cosy for an intimate ceremony. It has two grand chairs in the middle for the happy couple, and an u-shaped table with chairs around them so that everybody feels close and part of the ceremony.

After the ceremony we bravely made our way to Brighton Beach for some fun and chilled (pun intended) wedding photos and then we made our way to their home where we had a picnic style meal, with speeches and cake. It was super lovely and intimate and I felt privileged to be a part of it.

couple portraits at Brighton town hall wedding

Stormy winter wedding photos on Brighton Beach

December is a beautiful time for a winter wedding! The spirits are high, everybody is in holiday mood and even if the weather can be a bit crap, it can be amazing for some dramatic beach wedding photos. So that’s exactly what we did! We braved our way towards the beach, facing high winds and freezing cold that made us cry a bit, but it was so worth it! The sea was roaring, with big foamy waves and high winds. We kept the photo session short as we didn’t want Shabnah to catch pneumonia – but to be honest 10 minutes was all we needed.

Below are some photos from this gorgeous Brighton Town Hall winter wedding – hope you enjoy them!

Hope you enjoyed this fun Brighton Town Hall winter wedding. If you’re planning your own wedding and are looking for a photographer, say hello, I’d love to hear about your plans!